The Future of This Blog

I almost let it fade and die. I already have one blog and spend most of my time at my laptop thanks to my career as a freelance writer. I love reading and writing about science and nothing gets my goat more than cranks, quacks, liars and charlatans. I know I am just one blog in a sea of crusaders determined to show bad science up for what it is. Continue reading

You Know You Are a Pseudoscientific Crank If…


Enough said!

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Are you sick of always failing to convince us scientific skeptics that GM crops kill people, that homeopathy cures cancer or that climate change is a socialist myth? Do you feel frustrated by being asked to provide peer-reviewed scientific papers to support your position? If this matches your experience and you still do not know why, see how many of the following statements match your behavior to see if you qualify as a pseudoscientific crank.

You denigrate the knowledge of scientific experts, but compare yourself with Galileo and Einstein.

Just because you are criticized by knowledgeable people who provide scientific evidence to back up their arguments does not mean that you are an oppressed genius. Sometimes, you are just a rebel trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. In the end, the flawed notion that criticism means that you are actually right is a pathetic defense mechanism to avoid…

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All You Need to Know About the So-Called “Food Babe”

The story of the year (as far as American readers are concerned, thankfully she hasn’t invaded Europe yet) is Vani Hari, the so-called “Food Babe”. She has taken the internet by storm, posting selfies – and lots of them – in her endless quest to get practically everything banned that she can’t pronounce. Continue reading

The Problem With Faith Schools


Fantastic examination of the problems of Britain’s “faith schools” today.

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Some would have you believe that faith schools are the indispensable cornerstone of the British education system. Said to bring an ethos of care and nurturing to school life, it is generally accepted, particularly by pandering politicians, that a school with a religious denomination at its core will provide children with superior education. This is meant not only in the academic sense but in how to be a functioning, moral and caring member of society in a way that is somehow missing in secular schools. This is often felt to such a degree that non-religious parents will struggle and even convert to a new religion to get their children in to a faith school, so not to deprive their children of this wholesome, inclusive and welcoming environment.

This claim of course is textbook religion; generic and ambiguous platitudes of breathtaking and insulting arrogance, masquerading as unique and modest wisdom without a shred…

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Journalist achieves commendable balance atop pile of dead children


Though this is about vaccines, it demonstrates how journalists anti-science conspiracies and fringe theories.

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THE MOST vocal infestation of anti-vac crazies has given journos a reason to spark panic amongst the community by once more opening an unfounded debate on one of the most successful endeavours in human health – vaccination.

Whose opinions are more valid? Those of a widely discredited fringe group whose name is “misleading and a detriment to the community”, or the overwhelming majority of medical professionals the world over?

We at The Australian don’t trust our readers to make the right decision, so we’re going to hand more than half of this article, including the crucial first six paragraphs, to the winners of the 2009 Bent Spoon award for perpetration of paranormal or pseudo-scientific piffle.

We’re not biased though, and are prepared to accord a whole five paragraphs to medical professionals, and two to the government. We can just about stand to throw in a brief mention…

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The expert responses to the Saatchi Bill must not be ignored


I try not to get too politically critical of my government on this blog (I have my personal facebook page for that :) ) but if there was any bigger threat to science-based medicine and to the NHS in this country right now, The Saatchi Bill is it.

Quackometer goes on further to explain why this bill is A Quack’s Charter

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Consultation responses & recommendations

It’s rather hard to know where to begin with the latest from the Saatchi PR onslaught – bulldozing ahead with version #3 deliberately without a public consultation – this Bill is like a runaway train about to wreak havoc on those least expecting it further down the track- The recent consultation on the subject received overwhelmingly negative responses from an exceptionally long list of expert bodies – from charities, from patient groups, health groups, Royal Colleges, lawyers, doctors and including the GMC, BMA, RCP, MDU, MPS, Nightingale Collaboration, Wellcome Trust, NHS Health Research Authority, HealthWatch – the feedback from those who could refer to experience, facts and knowledge rather than swallowing spin from the Telegraph was a loud, unequivocal NO.

For if this were a good idea – I would be jumping for joy! Less chance of being sued, you say? Oh of course I’ll take that…

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Thinking of voting UKIP? Think again!

With just two weeks to go before the Euro elections, it seems quite a few people will be voting for UKIP. They are largely seen as a protest vote and most people who will vote for them to represent us in the European Parliament have no intention of voting for them at next year’s General Election.

Most people know by now that UKIP is largely a party of homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists and racists. I am not going to go over that in great detail as it has been publicised a lot in the last few weeks. For a quick summary, please see this New Statesmen article. If their bigotry isn’t already enough to sway you and neither are their links to continental far right groups, and you are considering voting for UKIP, there are other reasons you really shouldn’t vote for Farage and his group of Tory extremists… Continue reading