What Do You Make of This?

We heal, we exist, we are reborn.

Consciousness consists of molecular structures of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a deepening of the enlightened. Life-force requires exploration.

The goal of pulses is to plant the seeds of awareness rather than pain.

Eons from now, we warriors will self-actualize like never before as we are aligned by the planet. The fusion of consciousness is now happening worldwide. It is a sign of things to come.

This life is nothing short of a blossoming rebirth of sacred love. We exist as sonar energy. Purpose is the growth of energy, and of us.

Only a traveller of the universe may manifest this oasis of curiosity. Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can exterminate us, but not without chi on our side. Suffering is born in the gap where complexity has been excluded.

Have you found your path?

Aromatherapy may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an unfathomable lightning bolt of energy. You will soon be aligned by a power deep within yourself — a power that is endless, holistic. Through homeopathy, our lives are baptized in purpose.

How should you navigate this amazing planet? The multiverse is calling to you via electromagnetic resonance. Can you hear it? Lifeform, look within and heal yourself.

Your reaction to the above might be one of two things: you might feel an intense spiritual connection or you might wonder what the hell it is all about thinking I have just posted an excerpt from some New Age book like The Secret.

Actually, it’s neither – it might read like gibberish because that’s exactly what it is. It has come from a New Age Bullshit Generator. Go and take a look, have some fun… maybe you’ll be able to compile your own self-help book from the gibberish you are presented with

Warsi starts a War and Pickles Picks a Fight

Anybody living outside the UK is probably under the impression, thanks to persistent complaints from the religious in this country now mimicking their American counterparts, that to merely believe in Jesus’ resurrection or Mohammed at the mountain or Moses’ exodus, is to live in fear of one’s life. Sayeed Warsi, a Tory peer (which means she is unelected) has opened her mouth once again in denouncing secularism for the great evil that it is. Now, Eric Pickles has joined the fight on behalf of the terminally oppressed everywhere. Continue reading

The Debate Continues…

2012 And All That now has an official Facebook page. Blogs don’t really tend to lend themselves well to open discussion so I decided to create a page in order to open up the site and discussion.

I want to maintain quality debate – all I ask is that you keep discussion civil and back up any claims you might make with credible sources. Continue reading

Wikipedia founder responds to pro-alt-med petition; skeptics cheer


Wikipedia Win for Common Sense… and Good Scientific Practice

Originally posted on Skeptical Software Tools:

Jimmy Wales, photo by Andrew Lih licensed under a CC BY-SA 2.5 license.

Jimmy Wales, photo by Andrew Lih licensed under a CC BY-SA 2.5 license.

Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales this week sent a clear signal to skeptics who edit the user-created encyclopedia – he agrees with our focus on science and good evidence.  He did this by responding firmly in the negative to a Change.org petition created by alternative medicine and holistic healing advocates. His response, which referred to paranormalists as “lunatic charlatans”, was widely reported on Twitter.

I’ve been recommending skeptics pay close attention to Wikipedia since the earliest days of this blog, almost six years ago.  Susan Gerbic took up that gauntlet and created her wildly successful Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia project.

In the last year or so, the success of Susan’s project has gotten many paranormal and alternative medicine advocates riled up. They’ve repeatedly floated conspiracy theories that skeptics are somehow rigging the game on Wikipedia, or even bullying…

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God Hates Figs

To mark the death of Fred Phelps, I have decided to grant myself the honour to continue the crusade in proving that God does hate figs. This fruit is so intolerably evil, so shamelessly wicked that both God and Jesus (who has brief moments of being a stinkin’ commie bleeding-heart liberal) hates them with a passion. Look upon their evil and be educated to avoid their sinful and insidious nature. Continue reading